Which is the Best Electric Motor for Your Car Conversion

We are back today with yet another interesting article that will guide you in choosing the best electric motors for car conversion and other tips. The motor is the first ever major component that a person interested in building a electric vehicle would require. It is obvious that one get’s confused with the large number of available electric motor models in the market, but you should be careful while selecting a motor that best suits your requirement.

Most people usually go for series d.c motors and also three phase a.c motors for their cars. With dc motor shifting speed instantly is practically not possible but they are known for their higher torque and it can handle heavy loads smoothly. Dc motors were famous but now ac motor availability is increasing which has a lot more features than the latter. But the good thing about dc motors is that they cost less compared to an ac version of the motor. They can be easily found in local electrical shop.

Try to avoid these d.c motors if you want to build a car which has to handle a lot of load and varying speeds like in a off road and terrain conditions. Previously these motors were popular but today the trend is shifting towards ac motors and let us look into them.

3 phase ac motors have a higher starting torque and it is cheaper than other types of motors. It is said to have lower friction and hence the efficiency will be more. They are available with variety of horse power and you can choose one that suits your needs and these motors are really powerful. It has a long lasting life and is better for electric car conversions. But there is also a disadvantage, it requires a 3 wire power supply which is usually used in industries.

So it is up to your individual needs that decides what type of electric motor is best for your car. Ask yourself how and for what purpose the car might be used and now go for the motor that fits all your specifications.

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