What is Happening in the Electric Car Industry Right Now

Wow, there are so many things happening in the electric car industry and its picking up pace giving way for changes almost every single day. Let us know about the most recent and prominent news related to electric cars that are talked about more.

The number of users who are using electric cars is increasing throughout the world and there is a need to expand the charging stations so that it is available to car riders like any other fuel stations. Commercially also these cars have seen a huge surge in sales and this demonstrates that people are more likely to follow the trend and if more facilities are provided to buyers there will be more sales. And many companies are seeing great opportunities in this industry and are eyeing to make a successful debut with electric car charging stations and other services that are expected to increase every year.

In this attempt many automakers have come up with a new universal charging system that will standardize the chargers port of electric vehicles. And these charging systems have different versions like chargers that are meant for home use, public station charging and one more for charging at a faster pace. All these changes mean good to both consumers and the environment.

Next on the list is the china’s entry into the electric car market, when China stepped into the manufacturing of these electric vehicles everyone estimated that they might dominate the industry. But it seems they are no way to go because like other manufacturer’s they to are facing the same old problem that is batteries are more expensive. The price of an electric car would be more than a gasoline car in the present situation so no consumer would show interest in buying these cars it would be very tough for the manufacturers to sell them. The only solution is to develop a more efficient and cheaper batteries which is not as easy as we talk so it takes some time before all of us can get our hands on a affordable and eco friendly vehicle.

The U.S seems to have the largest electric car market with new technologies popping up regularly and increasing the popularity of green cars. Finally it is our responsibility to protect our evironment and there is a need for more of these eco-friendly changes.

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