What is a Hybrid Car

For your information an hybrid car runs with a combination of two power supplies or in some cases multiple sources.Usually the main source is gasoline and the other is an electric source, which powers the car with its electric motors . Both these supplies do not work at the same time but they are used to supplement each other when required. Most of the times these hybrid cars run with gasoline and electric power is utilized only when there is less load on the engine.

In common terminology hybrid cars are also referred to as hybrid electric cars which means the same as the other. The popularity is increasing day by day and it seems to be a strong contender to the normal high fuel consuming cars. People love to have a ride in these cars because of its smooth comfortable ride with low noise. Currently hybrid cars contribute to a very small percent of the total cars used today but there are good indication of its popularity among consumers, this number is going to increase in the future if the manufacturers make cheaper and better cars.

Advantages of hybrid car

As the definition of hybrid cars explains, the car uses two power sources and it minimizes the usage of gasoline hence less carbon emission, which means its an eco friendly car and if you want to be a part in reducing global warming then this is a good choice. It also reduces the fuel cost which would have been higher with a conventional car. These cars are designed to generate energy whenever brakes are applied which makes it an efficient and smart car to use. Now to savings, some manufacturers offer low price for battery recycling when you return your used car batteries to the company before the service period.


As with advantages there are some disadvantages also, the first and foremost is the initial cost which is high. The batteries are cannot be completely recycled and it might have negative effects if not disposed appropriately.

There are many transport sectors which use hybrid cars for an efficient and cheaper transportation. These cars belong to those eco-friendly and fuel saving class of cars. Owning one of these cars can make a big difference both in terms of savings and also comfortable driving.

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