Trends in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

It is a fact that the world is now looking at alternative fuel sources that can run vehicles without having to depend only on the depleting gasoline fuel. We now have to think outside the box and find a way to power up our cars using more efficient and cleaner fuel that lasts longer. Hydrogen fuel cell cars look promising and can change the future along with many other vehicles like the electric cars.

There are many places where hydrogen is used as a fuel and that also includes rockets, buses, trucks. This article gives a brief overview about the new alternative fuel in the industry that is hydrogen fuel cells and the kit.

First let us know what is the working principle of this type of cars?

Hydrogen fuel cell cars utilize the reverse process of electrolysis to generate electricity. Hydrogen is compressed and contained in a separate cabin which is then passed over the fuel cells which reacts with naturally available oxygen. After the reacting electricity is generated and water is released as a waste product, this process requires a special catalyst like platinum or nickel-tin which is a latest development by the researchers. The electricity produced during this reaction is used to power the electric motor which is be used to run the vehicle.

As more number of projects are launched frequently we can expect these vehicles to be affordable even to the common man.There are many advantages of using hydrogen fuel cell cars, the hydrogen gas is available abundantly and it also ensures that the greenhouse effect is reduced. It does not emit any greenhouse gases instead it releases only water which is a bi-product of the reaction with electric current.

These fuel cells cars are more expensive for sure compared to a gas car, but there are multiple development going on which mainly focuses on reducing the cost of every single component or element involved in the system. Equivalent energy produced by these hydrogen fuel cells are lower than gasoline cars, and some experiments have been done which utilizes a crystalline material that can hold more hydrogen and at a lower pressure. And currently the cost of an hydrogen powered vehicle is too high and many experts predict that it might take decades to see significant changes by these vehicles. But the production of hydrogen is not an easy job, it consumes a lot of energy.

We should take initiation to save fuel and there will be no need to search for an alternate fuel if all goes well in the future. Hope everyone has to wait before hydrogen fuel cells car are manufactured in large scale with affordable price.

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