The Forgotten Story of Natural Gas Cars

natural gas carWell the world is now looking at varied ways to power vehicles and in this effort natural gas seems promising, it is now believed to be used widely in cars and large trucks and some countries are even implementing public transport to run purely on natural gas. The main reason for such a transformation is due to heavy amount of carbon emission let out by petrol powered cars so in order to reduce carbon footprint and to protect our planet such smaller decisions mean a huge difference in the long run.

So what are natural gas cars and how does it work.

Briefly describing natural gas cars, it belongs to a class of vehicles that utilizes liquefied or compressed natural gas to power the engine instead of using the traditional fuels like gasoline.  Usually these type of cars are bi-fueled that is they use gas as well as gasoline, but it is entirely different from the known hybrid vehicles concept. In the current day scenario many car manufacturers are designing their automobile to work with natural gas also this is good news for people who want to buy a new car. If you already own a car then don’t be disappointed because you can convert your existing car into a natural gas car with some tiny amount of work from your side.

Well now let us discuss about the working, it is not different from gasoline powered cars they work the same way with some small modifications. The gas is compressed with air and ignited with a spark plug. The burned mixture of natural gas and air will power the engine by giving the piston the energy it requires to function.

There are both pros and cons about natural gas, the following section will brief it up.

Advantages of natural gas cars.

It is renewable form of energy, did you know that it can also be created using organic material available in our daily life. Then it gives out very less carbon emission and lowers global warming, does not pollute the air like petrol or diesel vehicles. It is not has toxic as other gases and they come with a odor agent that will help people to detect any leaks if any.

There are also drawbacks about these cars that we should know. First and main concern is the natural gas fueling station there are very few number of stations so finding one is a hectic job in some places. The gas tank is huge in size which makes it heavy and consumes some car space.

In this context, there have been many successful projects that have used natural gas in public buses, cars, vans, trucks. With domination of hybrid cars and electric car these natural gas cars are losing it’s shine lately but some find gas cars are more suitable for heavy duty compared to the latter.

Ultimately, it is all up to the individual like or dislike to go with natural gas powered cars, but the trends of automobile is strongly moving towards alternate fuel powered cars and this might be the best time to switch. In the upcoming post you can know more about diy gas to electric car conversion and what it takes to get it done right from the basics.

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