New Innovative Wireless Electric Car Charging Stations

electric car charging stationThanks to the growing technology now electric cars can be charged with the help of a wireless charger. Whatever car you are driving life gets easier because of these innovative technologies, you can just drive your car and do not worry about those complicated wires and plugs to charge. Wireless chargers use induction principle to charge your electric car, just park it in front of the charger and let it do its job, simple isn’t it. This technology was developed by evatran and it will be showcased to the world at electric vehicle symposium in the month of may 2012.

The company has plans to make the charging system more user friendly and efficient in the coming years with better and advanced designs, wish them good luck. Integration of this technology into existing cars can mean a real big difference and it is a challenge to the developers for sure. But evatran’s technology is all about charging the vehicle when it is stationary and it is no different then our modern day petrol stations. It is not only evatran but there are many other companies that are researching a better way to implement the wireless charging and each one of these companies have a different approach and each of them have their own advantage.

The main issue with electric cars is the battery life and to solve this issue a research team at energy dynamics is developing a new system that can charge the vehicle on the move through electric grids laid on the road.

This can improve the driving experience without having to stop for recharging again in the middle of a ride. Hope this type of charging is cheaper because laying grids on the road looks like a costly affair and it is not going to help if it is expensive.

Imagine the endless possibilities of wireless charging stations, you can charge your vehicle at parking or at office parking and even at the shopping malls, just make use of the parking time to charge vehicles. You name them all, everyday things keep changing in this industry and it means the manufacturers of electric cars have to incorporate the latest technology to manufacture a better vehicle.

The future looks great for electric vehicles, and wireless charging system may help to change things around. With more user friendly technology coming up every day in the automobile industry the chances of more people buying electric vehicles will increase without any doubts. It’s obvious that better, cleaner and cheaper transportation is always preferred, if electric cars can provide these advantages over fuel vehicles then consumers will make the transition towards electric cars.

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