Make Way for The New Ford Focus Electric 2012 Model Car

Today’s topic is all about the new ford focus electric car which is currently the most preferred car. It stands out among all other electric cars due to its amazing features that are far better than the cars available in the market now. Do you want to know why focus electric is different from other cars, then read further about the features that make this car special.

The first feature is that ford focus electric works completely on battery power and does not use even a single drop of gasoline making it a full fledged electric car. Five passengers can comfortably travel in this fuel efficient car in the mid sized car class. It looks like any other normal car only but these cars are more eco-friendly and they come with latest design that appeals to the drivers. They are powered by lithium ion batteries and according ford these batteries have a long life thanks to their temperature control system which actively regulates temperature which ensures that the car gives a higher mileage.

Good news with ford electric car is that the mileage is pretty good and its around 121 km. For people who wish to charge at a quicker pace there is an optional 240 volt system which speeds up your charging time. By default it comes with a 120v charging system that lets you charge your car from an outlet at your home. The design is of A grade and especially the interiors the car as housed some of the finest and high quality materials and they are all stuffs recycled from scratch.

Wait did you know that this car offers a facility to find the nearest car charging point with the help of a mobile application which also displays your cars power level. This car lets you start without a key just press a button and you are ready to go, simple as it gets. The focus electric has a great graphic user interface that displays the important parameters that shows the current status of your car in real time. It is equipped with a powerful all electric motor that handles high rpm very well, this is also responsible for a smoother and noiseless drive, people will love it.

Last but not least it has a good storage space and almost the same space like other gasoline cars of this class. If you want to check out focus electric car just go to your nearest certified dealer and learn more about the car from them.

Ford is all set to sell its focus electric 2012 model through its dealers in America, slowly the number of dealers are increasing. They will be providing you with full training and also have a pair car charging points, so take the full advantage of the dealers services. Many auto lovers anticipate that driving this car fun to drive and would give a very good experience.

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