Is Google Driverless Car Better than a Human Driver? Find Out

First when I heard that google was into automobile industry, my reaction was a wow! The search engine giant is taking a leap forward with a technology that mankind has yet to see and this is what they call it “google driverless car”. As the name itself suggests they are driven without a driver inside, I mean it uses some sophisticated hardware coupled with artificial intelligence technology to operate.

Some states in US, have made this special law to allow the testing of driverless cars on public roads and there are more to be added soon I guess if they perform well. The first autonomous car to be approved and given license was the modified toyota prius. This was later followed by audi and others to name.

What is the technology behind this robot car?

The technology is a laser ranging and detection system which is actually used to make 3d maps of the target surrounding. As the car travels forward this system builds a map that is then compared with existing high resolution map, using this data the car then automatically drives forward without any human interaction.

These cars have been driven thousands of miles without any accidents and during testing an engineer from the team along with an experienced driver are seated inside. The human driver can take control of the vehicle at any given instant of time.

Will this become a reality?

Well the growing trend among the top auto makers, says it might be. The two big names right now are the tesla and google. They have plenty of reasons for this, it is a new market and a smarter technology for a better time management for those who spend more time just driving. But does it work the way it is intended to. As far as the growing technology right now, there seem to be no doubt that self driving cars will become a reality and no one can just predict when it is going to happen, so just wait and see for this to happen.

Watch the google car driving itself (testing)  in action from the video below.

There are many things involved before even thinking getting these smart vehicles on the road for public use. As of now there is no answer for this question. Now let us know about the main person sebastian thrun behind this technology. He is responsible for the project google driverless car and he is also working with a new technology called google glass.

With the team led by sebastian thrun is very happy with the outcome of their project, they are confident that the car is better than a human driver in action and is prone to lesser mistakes than a human.

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