Interesting Fact – Where Do Electric Vehicles Get Charged Often?

I always had this question in mind “where do people prefer to charge their electric vehicles” and I finally got my answer, thanks to the company which surveyed ev users.An independent company that is involved in developing applications for ev users has finally revealed that most of the electric cars today are charged majorly at home.

Even though there are many charging stations readily made available to public, people still prefer to charge their electric cars in their garage itself at the comfort of their homes. It sounds interesting to know the user patterns but it is the truth that we all have to accept. The survey company has taken into account the opinions of over 3000 people and as an approximation 81% of them charge at home.

Major cities have gone ahead and constructed many charging stations for convenience of the electric vehicle owners. But it seems that most of the charging happens at home and the second most preferred place is at work. People often ensure their vehicle has enough charge to travel back and hence they do like to charge them once at their office also if possible. If at the worst case someone needs to power up their batteries then they can always stop by a charging station but the reason why most do not use them would be the fact that they take a lot of time to recharge and nobody is ready to wait.

Instead they plug-in their battery to the power in the night, this way they save a lot of time. And if you did not know there are some super fast chargers also available which can power-up your car batteries in just a few minutes but many complain that those fast charging stations are always occupied and it is very rare to find one that is not being used.charging stations

I personally do have an opinion that if all the electric automobile makers come together and agree to manufacture an universal charger for all the models of ev then more people would opt in for buying electric vehicles. And this is the major drawback why people don’t have a sense of liking for them. Anyway the future looks bright for the green technology transportation, right now we can just wish for good and a better technological research and development to happen.

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