How to Save Gas in Your Car and Improve Gas Mileage

Everyday the fuel prices are going up and the cost of maintaining a car these days have gone up. It has become essential for car owners to search for better ways to reduce this cost.There are many ways to save gas in your car and some good ones are mentioned below which should also help improve gas mileage of your car .

First check the tires and ensure they are filled with the required amount of air. Flattened tires require more energy to move forward and they consume more gas.

Next try to avoiding parking your car in the hot sun, the fuel in the vehicle will evaporate due to the heat and this problem increases during summer, so better find a shady place to park your vehicle. If you are at home then park in your garage this will reduce the evaporation car gas

Change the engine oil regularly and keep the engine condition in a good condition, the better the engine condition better will be the mileage of the car. People waste a lot of money on the high cost gasoline, experts say that it is off no use in improving mileage and it is advised to read your car’s user manual then decide whether high octane gas is required or not. After filling your tank do not forget to close the cap of the tank tightly if you don’t then a small amount of fuel evaporate.

The air filters are the biggest culprits, they are responsible for a great amount of gas loss check whether they are in working condition or not and replace them if necessary.

Alternately share a ride with your colleagues or college friends instead of each one using in a separate vehicle, this should save gas to both you and your friends.

How to save gas while driving

Plan your destination and take the help of modern global positioning system, which not only helps you reach your target destination easily but also saves you time and gas, instead of getting lost searching for your place. Pick a time when traffic is very low this should avoid any traffic jam and slow moving traffic which burns out more fuel than normal. It is recommended to drive in that fuel economy range when you are not in a hurry.

Turn off the engine when you are waiting for somebody or in front of a store. Also turn off the car during red light at traffic signals. Follow all the traffic rules and safety advice for your safety as well as save gas.

Unwanted stuffs or luggage on your vehicle will add up for fuel consumption, try to get rid of those stuffs carry only what is really essential. Many people modify their car according to their requirements which some times may add more weight as well, take care not to pound extra weight.improve mileage

Switch off the air conditioner of your car which is a big consumer of gas. You can also go for the alternative energy cars which consume lesser energy like the electric cars or the more popular hybrid cars.  If possible avoid using a car for short distance travel or use a cycle or motorcycle instead. Maintain your car regularly and get it serviced by professionals, this will also help in increasing the engines life and give a better mileage for a longer period of time.

All the above mentioned methods may save little fuel but when all of them are followed the combined result would be significant amount of gas saved at the end.  Hope this article has helped you in knowing how to save gas and get a better mileage.

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