How to Prevent Car Theft

Today it is easier to prevent car theft than before thanks to the development in the anti theft technologies. With increased awareness among car owners the number of stolen vehicles can be reduced drastically. There are millions of vehicles stolen each year and most of this happen due to driver or owners error. Here are some of the best ways you can avoid car theft.

First make sure you are not making it easy for thieves to steal your car, meaning do not give any opportunity that helps burglars. As an owner of the car take full responsibility of your vehicle do not carelessly leave your car keys where others can misuse it. And the biggest mistake owners do is that they leave precious items like laptops, cell phones etc in the vehicle in a way that is visible to other passer by, which is like an open invitation to the burglars. Do not park in deserted or isolated areas. Even if you have reached your home and parked the car in front of the house or in the garage ensure the car is locked.

prevent car theft

Ok, what if you are away from home, then pay for the monitored parking services where security guards will take care of your car and you rest assured that it is being guarded by someone. But always try to park your car in a place where there is good light and not in a dark place where it is more likely to be stolen. This is basic stuff keep your windows closed after parking the car and if parked in your house then lock the garage for extra security. It is recommended to install an alarm system for your car, the sound these system makes is good enough to discourage the thieves and it can be turned off with the help of a remote.

Some advanced systems will notify the owner immediately through text messages or you can get one custom built for your needs.  You can also consider systems which kills power supply to your car when someone tries to breach it. Some people have the habit of leaving their spare keys hidden under the car or bumper which is not recommended, it is like making it easier for the cars to be stolen.

What if your car is stolen and how to recover it? Well there is one possible solution, install a gps tracker on your car so that it can be tracked, most often third party companies offer such services for a nominal fee every month or annually. It is good if you inform the police immediately after the car is stolen, so that they get into action and track down the vehicle soon. Many say that writing your drivers license number secretly in multiple places of your car should help recover it with ease even if the exteriors of the car is modified.

If you are planning to buy a new car then consider one which comes with the latest anti theft technologies installed with it. Be smart guys take that extra time and follow the above tips, preventing car theft is better than losing a car and struggling to recover it later.

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