How to Polish a Car Properly

Hey guys want to know how to polish a car for that glossy finish then hop in and read this brief article. Well it could take some time and effort from your side but the final results after polishing would be amazing. Things you require for this process are a buffing pad, a good quality polish, cotton cloth and a polisher. Before getting started you need to know how polishing works, when you apply the polish compound and use a polisher it heats up the top layer of the paint and flows into imperfections.

First clean your car this is very important step. After cleaning it up, divide the area which you want to polish into smaller sections and start working one at a time. You can either manually do it or use a polisher to get the job done. Manually proceeding will not yield a good finish, so better go with the motor powered polisher.

If you are doing it by hand then take a clean cotton cloth and apply the polish over it and start rubbing it on the car surface. Now take a different cloth and wipe the polished surface gently until you get a gloss finish. If the results are good then repeat on other sections of the car to be polished.
polish a car
If you decide to use a polisher then apply the polish on the buff pad and rub it over the car surface. Then power up the motor and move it over polished area, take care not to apply more pressure let polishing be uniform and gentle to prevent any overheating of the paint. Now move to clear light and inspect whether there is any imperfections in your process, if you see any then wax over that surface.

Waxing is a method where you apply a protective coating over the surface of the car and use the buffer pad to spread it uniformly, waxing gives a new car look at the end. Experts recommend not to polish your car more than once a year.

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