How to Install Car Speakers Yourself

Sometimes it happens that your old car speakers don’t give that quality sound you are expecting or it might have been damaged and you need to replace it. This is a brief article that shows you how to install car speakers easily without any fuss. The good thing about installing speakers on your car is that it does not require you to be an expert or a mechanic anyone can do that, it is fun to do and gives a great experience.

Before you proceed any further make sure you have read the manual from the speaker manufacturer thoroughly and understood the instructions provided. Next decide where you want to install the speakers there are places where you can do that like doors, dashboard or at the rear end of the car seating. Get all the tools required for the installation ready and protective aids for your safety.

The following some of the common steps involved in installing car speakers and it may vary slightly for cars of different makes. Overall the idea is the same and it should not be difficult.

1. If you are installing the speakers in the door then remove the panel after that dismantle the old speakers by first removing the grills, utilize a screw driver to get the job done. When you are done with disconnecting the battery wires from the speakers half of your work is over, it is better you remove the negative terminal of speaker door

2. Now connect the wires from the battery to the new speakers or sub woofers, ensure the electric terminals are connected right.Well the installation is not completely over yet, test whether the newly installed car speakers are working right by playing some music and if there is any problem check back with the connections and if the issue still persists then read through the manual again.

3. If speakers are working well then use tape to protect the wire joints, finally secure it with screws carefully in place. Next put back the door panel to its original state.rear end speakers

4. If you are installing in other places like dashboard or at custom location then the above steps works well with some changes if required. Go slow do not hurry up this may create unintended scratches on the surface of dash or door panel.

By now you should have the new speakers installed perfectly enjoy the music and hope this information was useful.  Take the help of others if required to install.

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