How to Fix Scratches on Car – Dent Removal on Door Bumper

Do you want to learn how to fix scratches on car then better read this short article to solve this issue.Scratches on car cannot be ignored and they just take away the look of the car, it is like a scar on our body which will be noticed by others.

So isn’t there a solution for this, yes there is but it might be costlier when you go to the mechanic. And there is also an alternative solution which you can do it your self and this following article might help you along in fixing car scratches.dent repair pdr houston

PDR – Paintless Dent Removal And Scratch Removal.

A good paintless dent repair mechanic will effectively fix scratches on your car. As I said, with updated knowledge and many years of experience, the mechanic should be able to get the dent removed from the car surface.

Before starting, you need to make sure that the scratch is real because in many cases external material or paint from other objects or other vehicles bumper on impact will deposit a small amount of paint that  might look like a scratch on your car, so first determine that it is not one of those.

If it is one of those then you can just clean away the layer with ease.

Secondly, determine how deep the scratch is, if it is too deep then it might be difficult to remove.fix scratches on car

Basically the car exterior surface is made of four different layers, namely steel, primer, color and clearcoat. Many times a scratch would not be very deep, it would have just removed away the top two layers that is clearcoat and color.

It would be worse if a scratch has gone through all 4 layers and you have to take the help of a professional in the worst case. If it is just a scratch on the paint then make use of ready-made touch up paint pen or car scratch remover which will cover the affected area with paint surrounding it.

Now when you are ready to remove scratches, start by cleaning the car this is because if there is any dirt on the surface then it might create even more scratches if not cleaned initially.

After this use a sandpaper to sand on the scratched surface with continuous flow of water, next add some rubbing compound over the scratch and use a buff to gently spread the material.

Do this until, the faded area caused by sandpaper vanishes.

Well your done for now,  flow water over this area and wipe away the water using a cleaning cloth. In the last step wax your car for that perfect finish, by now you would have fixed the scratches on your car.

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