How to Clean a Car Yourself Like a Pro

In this post here we have done our best to outline all the steps involved that shows you how to clean a car for that perfect shine. There are many do’s and dont’s that you should know before you proceed to cleanse your car.

First choose a good place to wash your car, meaning a place where there is no sunlight falling directly on the car this is because it causes spots on the surface as the water or other liquids evaporate. In the next step, get all the items that you may require for cleaning, the following list might come handy just check whether you have these to clean car

Car wash soap – to remove stains and dirt.
Brush – to clean wheels and carpet.
Cleaning cloth – to dry.
Buffing pad – for a smoother finish.

After gathering all the above items, its time to get into action. A car clean usually involves cleaning both the exterior and the interior completely. When start off initially go for the exterior first, wet your car to remove dirt with the help of a water jet. Tires are where you should spray the water first because this is the place where there will be more dirt than any other parts of the car. Let the water do its job that is loosen any hardened dirt and in the mean while go on clean the interiors of the car.

While the exterior is soaking wet, do not waste time instead remove the carpets or mats, seat covers, cd player, dashboard start cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner, and don’t forget to clean  windows from inside the car. Make use of the upholstery cleaner to get rid of any spots or stains on the car seats and give a bright look. Then wipe away the surface with the help of a cleaning cloth to absorb remaining cleaner. Give some time for the interiors to dry and now get back to the exterior.

Add car soap to a bucket of water and begin cleaning with a cloth gently over the outer surface. One important tip before dipping this cloth again in the bucket, wash this cloth with water so that you don’t dirty the soap in the bucket.

Spray water on the cleaned surface and ensure you have cleaned the windows and headlight carefully for that shiny finish. Now when your are finished with the body of the car, it is time to get to the wheels. Use a brush along with soap to remove dirt from tires and hose water, to finish use a clean cloth to dry the wheels.

There are many waterless car cleaning products, and again it all comes down to individual requirements. Just choose what works best for your car, keep it simple.

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