How Do Electric Cars Work? A Short Walkthrough

electric cars working Many of you might have come across an electric car on the streets, but do you know how do electric cars work? Well I have made a simple article explaining the working of the electric car enjoy it. But first let me introduce you to the regular gas cars and their working principle because it helps to understand how an electric car differs from these gasoline cars.

The electric car looks no different from a gas car on the outside but they have different parts and technologies inside. A regular gas car is made up of fuel tank, fuel injection and cooling system and the core of the car is the internal combustion engine. Where as an electric car is built with motors, batteries for powering the vehicle, motor controller, high current cables etc.

The basic idea behind a gas car is simple, ignite gasoline inside the engine and use that energy to move the vehicle. That is gasoline is compressed in an internal combustion engine and ignited this generates greater amount of energy that causes the pistons in the engine move which are responsible for the movement of the crankshaft and this is converted into rotational motion that rotates the car wheels. Now let us see the electric car working.

Unlike a gasoline car, the electric car gets its power from the electric motor. And this motor is powered by the batteries that are stored in the battery tank, not to forget that these batteries are rechargeable. A charger is used to recharge the batteries, the charger is plugged into the power socket like any other electronic appliances at home. An inverter provides electricity to all the electronic components and it supplies current in the suitable form to every component to operate efficiently and safely.

And finally the interconnection section, which delivers current to the target devices keeping the car moving flawlessly. It is more like a controller handling and monitoring current in and out to the components of the vehicle.

Now to the main section that is how does the electric car actually work?

When the driver applies force on the accelerator, it sends a signal to the motor controller which does the job of monitoring the speed of the motor (which also means vehicle speed). The braking is almost the same as in gas powered cars but the good thing about electric cars is that they convert the braking kinetic energy into electricity which is stored in the batteries (this is called reuse of energy) but this requires a special set of braking called regenerative brake, it costs a little more than the normal braking system.

Note that not all cars have the same technology, each company might have its own design but the overall basic concept is the same for all of the electric cars. When compared to a gas car the electric version contains a lot lesser parts. The industry is fast implementing the best technologies and improving the performance of the cars and it is here to stay. It has a lot of advantages to offer the users and environment, let us hope for the best. In the meanwhile you can try doing electric car conversion and have your own electric vehicle.

You might be interested in knowing the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars also, read below it’s worth reading.

Pros and Cons

  1. These vehicles save a lot of money when compared to the regular gas cars.
  2. When it comes to maintenance you don’t have to break your head over it. These vehicles require minimal maintenance but batteries are the biggest headache you need to take care of them.

There are some cons also.

  1. Usually these electric vehicles require battery change after a few years which proves to be very expensive as of date. But the battery technology is evolving at a rapid pace so can hope for better batteries with longer life in the future.
  2. Finding an electric vehicle charging station close to your place is again a big headache, but even this problem will be overcome in the coming days because there are developments in making these stations available to public at more places. Many apps help you find these stations today so expect to see more of this.
  3. Not to forget the cost of the electric cars itself is high (in the future, improved technology can make things better).

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