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How to Build Your Own Electric Vehicle the Right Way From Step One

You don’t have to be an expert to build your own electric car, honestly speaking most people enjoy doing it. And you can also easily build an electric vehicle by following these simple step by step instruction laid out in the downloadable (pdf) book and videos given below. By the way, did you know that majority of the read more »

The Forgotten Story of Natural Gas Cars

Well the world is now looking at varied ways to power vehicles and in this effort natural gas seems promising, it is now believed to be used widely in cars and large trucks and some countries are even implementing public transport to run purely on natural gas. The main reason for such a transformation is read more »

What is a Hybrid Car

For your information an hybrid car runs with a combination of two power supplies or in some cases multiple sources.Usually the main source is gasoline and the other is an electric source, which powers the car with its electric motors . Both these supplies do not work at the same time but they are used read more »

Trends in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

It is a fact that the world is now looking at alternative fuel sources that can run vehicles without having to depend only on the depleting gasoline fuel. We now have to think outside the box and find a way to power up our cars using more efficient and cleaner fuel that lasts longer. Hydrogen read more »

Which is the Best Electric Motor for Your Car Conversion

We are back today with yet another interesting article that will guide you in choosing the best electric motors for car conversion and other tips. The motor is the first ever major component that a person interested in building a electric vehicle would require. It is obvious that one get’s confused with the large number read more »

An Overview of The First Electric Car Ever Made

The first electric car was built in the 18th century and an Hungarian inventor installed his own electric motor to a vehicle. Later on there were many other scientists who made their own electric cars with different methodologies and some of these inventors used non rechargeable cells to power up their motors. Then in the read more »