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Tesla Electric Car Specifications

To sustain the demands of the modern day drivers car manufacturers have to come up with specifications that are new and innovative which helps drivers in every possible way while driving. Tesla electric car have some good specifications that one would love to see in a ev. Source: Tesla

Interesting Fact – Where Do Electric Vehicles Get Charged Often?

I always had this question in mind “where do people prefer to charge their electric vehicles” and I finally got my answer, thanks to the company which surveyed ev users.An independent company that is involved in developing applications for ev users has finally revealed that most of the electric cars today are charged majorly at read more »

How Do Electric Cars Work? A Short Walkthrough

Many of you might have come across an electric car on the streets, but do you know how do electric cars work? Well I have made a simple article explaining the working of the electric car enjoy it. But first let me introduce you to the regular gas cars and their working principle because it read more »

All Electric SUV Eco-Friendly Power Car

Electric suv vehicles are here, yes finally some of the top auto makers have done it most of you might be waiting to drive one of these and they are fully electric now. Below is a list of companies that have released their first electric suvs to the public, read and enjoy. Toyota has launched read more »

A Brief Note on Solar Powered Cars

Solar powered cars the idea to develop one of these came up way back in the 70’s. Even today an affordable and efficient car is yet to be made but a good news is that since the idea sprung up there have been numerous improvements over the years. Working of a solar powered car The read more »

Make Way for The New Ford Focus Electric 2012 Model Car

Today’s topic is all about the new ford focus electric car which is currently the most preferred car. It stands out among all other electric cars due to its amazing features that are far better than the cars available in the market now. Do you want to know why focus electric is different from other read more »

What is Happening in the Electric Car Industry Right Now

Wow, there are so many things happening in the electric car industry and its picking up pace giving way for changes almost every single day. Let us know about the most recent and prominent news related to electric cars that are talked about more. The number of users who are using electric cars is increasing read more »

A Quick Talk About the Smallest Electric Car – Volpe

How small can a car actually be? Keep guessing guys and you won’t believe that the smallest electric car in the world named volpe is just one and half meter tall and the manufacturers have done it so neat that it can even fit inside an elevator. Yes, you have to see this yourself to read more »

New Innovative Wireless Electric Car Charging Stations

Thanks to the growing technology now electric cars can be charged with the help of a wireless charger. Whatever car you are driving life gets easier because of these innovative technologies, you can just drive your car and do not worry about those complicated wires and plugs to charge. Wireless chargers use induction principle to read more »