All Electric SUV Eco-Friendly Power Car

Electric suv vehicles are here, yes finally some of the top auto makers have done it most of you might be waiting to drive one of these and they are fully electric now. Below is a list of companies that have released their first electric suvs to the public, read and enjoy.

Toyota has launched its new electric car called rav4 which is an suv and seems to have loads of features superior to other electric vehicles out there. Some of the notable features are ipod connectivity, music streaming and hands free phone with the help of bluetooth technology and they come with high solar energy absorbing glass which should filter out any ultra violet radiation from entering into the vehicle, great feature for those care more about their skin. Then all other features are same as in a standard suv.electric suv

This new toyota rav4 electric suv comes with added safety features like the star safety system for more details check the toyota website. The mileage is estimated to be 22mpg in city and 28mpg on highway roads according to toyota. They can reach a top speed upto (160 km/h) 100 m/h. Toyota has successfully launched many hybrid cars and this time they are up with electric suv.

Next on the list is the nissan electric suv which should be announced shortly and they hope to make it completely electric which brings smiles on environmentalists. Well nissan still have not released an electric suv but they do manufacture a cent percent small electric car called leaf which again is a good car in its range.

Tesla is also in the race, they have their new electric suv name model x with all those facilities of a mini van. Only the prototype was revealed in february 2012 but the model x will be available only in 2014 to public guess many have to wait. You can check out their official website at for any additional details. And if you are passionate about electric vehicle conversion then why don’t you learn how to build an electric car yourself with some locally available parts in the market. In the meanwhile watch the video below which should give some idea how these vehicles appear and perform.

The electric cars will be the future of transport and it is here to stay. Hope to see more of these electric suv’s on road for cleaner and greener environment. It is good that we are now able to see some electric sports car also getting a huge push on the back.  If we encourage such vehicles we can expect to see some change in the transportation altogether.

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