A Brief Note on Solar Powered Cars

Solar powered cars the idea to develop one of these came up way back in the 70’s. Even today an affordable and efficient car is yet to be made but a good news is that since the idea sprung up there have been numerous improvements over the years.

Working of a solar powered car

The car is driven completely by solar energy meaning it uses the light energy from sun which is converted into electricity that powers all the components of the car. The system consists of photovoltaic cells that does the conversion job, that is light into electricity, this is stored in batteries and then used when required to power the electric motors. The solar panels cover the maximum portion on the surface of the car, so that it collects more sunlight that means more current. Previously these solar panels had a very high cost but due to the advancement in the semiconductor industry the costs have gone down significantly.

Yes, it does save you money no need to go to gasoline station again. But solar cars are not available commercially to buy this is because of the costs involved and they are low end compared to the conventional gas cars. These cars are limited to certain groups like the researchers and students in their projects. And one feature that you should note is that solar cars are light weight and smaller in size this is to reduce the power required to run the vehicle.solar power cars information

Benefits are many to name and the best of them is the fact that solar cars run on renewable energy which is available abundantly from the sun. It is completely green because these cars do not emit harmful gases into the environment and hence no pollution at all. Solar power cars are easy to use and driving these low noise vehicle gives a pleasant feel to anyone using it, also they are similar to electric car but generate their own power on the go.

Now to the disadvantages, you can guess it – expensive. The initial cost is higher and for larger sized cars the price goes up but if maintained well these cars can save money over time. These cars cannot be used everywhere and in all seasons because solar cars get their energy from sun and in some seasons there will be minimal sunlight which means no power for your car.

Electric powered cars can gain popularity if the solar panels are made available at an affordable rate and many would do the conversion. Apart from the price factor there is not much drawbacks with the solar powered cars and moreover these vehicles are easy to maintain and offer more flexibility than other cars.

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